Gesture Search

Gesture Search 2.1.4

Use gestures to search for items on your Android


  • Practical
  • Easy to use
  • Cool idea


  • Hard to say if it will be useful in the long term

Very good

Gesture Search is a cool Google application for your Android. It allows you to search for contacts, applications, music and other items by drawing the first few letters of the item's name directly onto the screen.

The idea of Gesture Search is pretty cool. If you have lots of applications and items on your phone, or if you want an alternative to searching by typing and scrolling, you should definitely give a try. It's easy to use, and really fun!

You open Gesture Search either by opening the application normally or using the Double Flip, a physical flip of the phone that opens the app. Once the black screen appears, draw the first letter of the item you want. When options start to show, refine the results by typing subsequent letters, or start over by drawing a short line to the right.

Once you've used Gesture Search to find the item, just click as normal to open it. There's a getting started guide that will teach you everything you need to know, and you can access it multiple times if you ever need a refresher.

Gesture Search is a useful and fun way to search your Android phone by just touching the screen.

Gesture Search


Gesture Search 2.1.4

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